[Evolution] Evolution client with Outlook Exchange

I wanted to add an Email account (of type Web Exchange Web Services) to
my list of Evolution email accounts.

The process with the account wizard works a treat, including finding the
URLs (EWS and OAB) of the exchange server. All goes well right up to the
end of the wizard, except that the new account is not added to list of
mail accounts. (I had already installed the evolution exchange
libraries, etc.).

Now I understand that I have to exit from Gnome (logout) and login again
and then restart evolution. The account is now visible.

(Actually, because I was confused at not seeing the added Exchanged
account, I had repeated the process again and again with different
settings...all to no avail. The result was that when I logged in again
there were actually 7 (!) Exchange accounts that were busily trying to
access the Excahnge server all at the same time! Now my processor was
overloaded, and deleting them was also difficult. In the end it
succeeded, however, working offline and with much patience).

Now, I have actually succeeded in resetting the account zoo in Evolution
and am now trying to get contact with my Outlook account via the remote
Exchange Server, but not with much success. Every time I start Evolution
it asks me for my Exchange password at least three times and again two
or three times when I initiate the Send/Receive process. The mails are
not fetched and there is an error "No Response. Method not allowed."

Does anyone know where I should now look to solve this?



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