Re: [Evolution] errors while running evolution

On Sat, 2013-11-23 at 12:04 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:>
I know I've seen a question like this before, so I did a quick search on
question with a reasonable answer.  I was just going to send you the
identical question:
All I can say is that Adam's answer to you
is probably as good as you are going to get without any detailed
Gnome application in a KDE environment without various Gnome bits and

evolution-list gnome org

Well, I'm sorry for the repeated question, I didn't have the web site
bookmarked (I do now) and couldn't find that thread in my saved
messages.  I do appreciate that you looked it up and answered.  Truly
wish my memory was that good!

The original problem did not include the timeout, and that was what
bothered me this time.

I did manage to get it fixed though, there was a version mismatch in the
four dconf files.  I rely on the installation manager to resolve
dependencies but, this time something didn't work out.  Oh, well.

I understand though, about running gnome apps in KDE.  Then again, I
have no choice.  Kmail won't stay up and running, thunderbird won't
import evolution files, and evolution does everything I want, almost
always without problems at all.  So, I have no choice you see.


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