Re: [Evolution] errors while running evolution

On Sat, 2013-11-23 at 12:33 -0700, Bart wrote:
So, I have no choice you see.

Hi Bart,

you've got a choice.

For me it's much harder. I dislike KDE, so while switching to KDE, to
get rid of all the buggy GNOME/GTK bugs, I not only will lose Evolution,
my favourite MUA, I'll also will lose a clear desktop environment. KDE
is unclear with tons of idiotic features, but I'm not willing to waste
my time with all the GTK/GNOME bugs. I'm already using Xfce, sure,
without gvfs, because I don't want to damage my hard drives and sure,
all the times there are idiotic issues, I run chown/chmod and tons of
other commands, just to fix, what's buggy with GTK/GNOME software.
That's a no-go. I've got a perceptual disorder, so I really, really
prefer to use the clear Xfce and Evolution over the unclear KDE with
what ever other MUA, but IMHO, continuing to struggle with the GTK/GNOME
insanity isn't worse the effort. I heard LXDE will switch to Qt.

Drop what ever depends to GTK/GNOME crap that you can. I need to use
some pro-audio applications based on GTK, but I already started to
switch to KMail (not nearly as good as Evolution, but without all that
bugs and that's more important) and KDE. I really have a very hard time
with KDE now, and I take a rest using my old Xfce with Evolution at thsi
moment. However, how long do you think should we wait, until GTK/GNOME
stuff will work flawlessly, as it did in the good old times?

IMO we should swallow the bitter pill :(.

2 Cents,

PS: I'm using Linux only for more than 10 years, so I guess I'm able to
gauge the situation. I don't see anything good within the close future,
when continuing GTK/GNOME based environments and applications.

Hopefully YMMV!

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