Re: [Evolution] attachment.dat: pptx showing as plain text attachment

Aaaaargh! My apologies to everyone. It turns out that the emails I was
having trouble with have two attachments and the second one is the
proper pptx that does open in Impress. What screwed me up was that the
drop-down list only showed the options for the plain text document so I
never noticed that there were two attachments.  Too dumb.

On Wed, 2013-11-20 at 18:20 -0500, Carpetnailz wrote:
My wife sent me a power point file from her Mac using Mac mail but it
came through to Evo 3.8.5 on Fedora 19 as a plain text attachment called
attachment.dat that Evo wanted to open in gedit. What's happening here?

On line I find discussion of things arriving at .dat files from Windows
operating systems, but why would this happen from Mac Lion using the
default Mac mail system? It doesn't happen when she sends the same
attachment to my Win 7 box. And she's sent me Word and PowerPoint files
in the past without this problem.


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