[Evolution] Format of documents written in OpenOffice Writer not maintained in Evo HTML

I am using Evolution 2.26.1. (I know, it is quite an older version, but
I haven't upgraded my Ubuntu since 2009. I'll be upgrading soon).

If I draft a document in OpenOffice Writer and then paste it into an evo
email set to HTML, the parameters of the document are not maintained by
evo. Here are the issues I face:
1. I place a two-line gap between paragraphs in my OpenOffice Writer
documents, but when pasted into Evo HTML, it doubles all those to
four-line gaps.
2. Where there headings set in bold, it doubles the line spacing again
by a factor of two. 
3. Wherever there is a word in the paragraph in bold, evo obliterates
the space between that word and the next, making them into one word.

Thus, whenever I want to email a document I have written in OO Writer,
once I paste it into evo I have to go through the document removing all
the extra spaces between paragraphs, and re-adding a space after any
words set in bold in the paragraph. Lastly, where I have headings
centered and set in bold, the following paragraph automatically gets set
apart from it with twice the number of lines which I set. So for
example, even if I remove all spaces so that the paragraph following a
header is immediately underneath it with no spaces, it will still arrive
to recipients with double spacing between the header and the paragraph. 

In order to adjust for all these issues I have to take a half hour
re-formating all my documents in Evo-HTML prior to mailing them out. Is
there a setting or some way to make evo accept the line-spacing,
bold-spacing, and other such formating from OO-Writer, so that I won't
have to redo all this manually in Evo?


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