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On Thu, 2013-05-30 at 21:06 +0200, Vidar Evenrud Seeberg wrote:
Den 05/30/2013 08:51 AM, skrev evolution-list-request gnome org:

it might be better to start with evolution itself, not with your admins.
I suggest to debug what the server returns to you. One UI way is to open
the event editor and turn on View->Time zone, then you'll see what time
zone is the event at.
Now, we're getting somewhere... When opening an event created on my 
phone, no time zone appears, just an active "Select..." box from which I 
can choose time zone. Opening an event created in Outlook, the time zone 
says GMT+1.

Careful; Outlook (and most things Microsoft) are very broken here. They
say "GMT" to refer to UK time, which is only actually GMT during the
winter, and GMT+1 during the summer. During the summer months they have
a similar off-by-one error in all time zones. I assume there is similar
brokenness in the southern hemisphere but I don't know exactly how it
manifests itself.

So it's actually expected that you'll see Central European Time (which
is currently GMT+2) described as "GMT+1" at least in cosmetic textual
things from Microsoft.

In a typical display of their "quality" engineering, they at one point
attempted to "fix" this bug by adding a disclaimer to outbound calendar
invitations, warning the user that the GMT offset may be wrong :)

However, that's mostly just cosmetic, in the text of the description
etc. In the ical invite itself, things should usually be correct.

 Opening an event created in OWA, the time zone says Romance 
Standard Time. Creating an event in Evolution and opening it again 
afterwards it says Europe/Oslo, which is the system's time.

In Exchange, a non-recurring event is generally expressed in GMT. (And
thankfully I mean real GMT this time; the stupidity described above is
mostly only cosmetic). Think about it: there's no *point* in preserving
the original time zone in a non-recurring event. If it's 12:00 GMT or
13:00 UK time or 14:00 Brussels time, that's all the *same*. The only
time the original timezone ever matters is for *recurring* events, when
the daylight savings rules need to be applied on the right day of the

The EWS_DEBUG part worked, but searching for the event entered on the 
phone gave no results. Here is the event, entered for 20:00 on the 
phone, but drifted two hours to 18:00:
PRODID:-//Ximian//NONSGML Evolution Calendar//EN

Hm, that's odd. Shouldn't those end with a 'Z' to indicate that they are
in GMT? Then they'd be correct, right? The meeting was actually at 18:00

I'd like to see what we actually got back from the Exchange server for
this event — can you show the XML you see in the calendar-factory
output? From <t:CalendarItem> to </t:CalendarItem>.


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