[Evolution] Time drifting using Android - Exchange 2010 - Evolution

Hello again!

I have posted this question before. However I was not used to communicating using mailing lists, so I screwd up the whole issue. Now, trying again!

My Linux computer:
Linux Mint DE, Update Pack 6 (latest)
TimeZone Europe/Oslo, which currently means +2, summer time
Time synchronized using NTP
Evolution 3.4.4 configured to use system time zone
EWS plugin version 3.4.4-1 to Evolution for syncing with office Exchange 2010 server

I am also occasionally using Outlook 2010 installed on a Windows 7 pc or in a Virtualbox Windows XP guest on a Linux host.

I am also frequently using Outlook Web Access (OWA) since Evolution picks up events entered using my Samsung S3 Android phone wrong.

My phone:
Samsung S3 Android version 4.1.2
Timezone and time configured to automatically being fetched from "the network" (which probably means from the nearest cell)
Events and appointments entered using both stock SPlanner calendar application and Touchdown for Exchange app. The same sync-problems occur no matter which of these two calendar applications I use for entering appointments.

My problem:
When entering appointments/events on my phone (using either SPlanner or Touchdown) the appointments drift with two hours when picked up by Evolution. If entering an appointment from 10:00 to 11:00 on the phone, it shows up in Evolution from 8:00 to 9:00. This is how I do it (for reproduction):
1. Enter appointment on phone in Touchdown or SPlanner
2. Initiate sync on phone with office Exchange server (automatic sync causes same problem)
3. Start Evolution on pc
4. Appointment entered on phone shows two hours earlier in Evolution calendar.
5. For checking I have also opened OWA and Outlook, and the appointment shows correctly there

I have also checked:
- As noted: appointments entered on phone shows correctly in OWA and Outlook
- Appointments entered in Evolution syncs correctly to OWA, Outlook and phone
- Appointments entered in OWA and Outlook syncs correctly to both phone and Evolution.

I have also tried:
- Setting timezone to +/-0 on the phone. This made all appointments synced from Exchange server showing two hours earlier than correct. Not good...
- Setting timezone to +/-0 on the PC and/or in Evolution causing Evolution showing all appointments synced from Exchange server two hours earlier than correct. Not good either...

- All syncing between Exchange and Evolution work as expected in both directions as long as appointments are entered in OWA, Outlook or Evolution
- Appointments entered in OWA, Outlook and Evolution sync as expected TO phone
- Appointments entered on phone sync correctly to OWA and Outlook
- Appointments entered on phone sync NOT correctly to Evolution (of course with Exchange 2010 server inbetween)
- And: I also hava a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 4.0.4 in which also appointments sync correctly to OWA and Outlook, but NOT correctly to Evolution

- Can anybody reproduce this behavior?
- Do anybody have some suggestions for solving this issue?

I really like Evolution a lot. However, this behavior prevents me from using it since I enter appointments on the phone as often as in Evolution. For now I am forced to use OWA, which I do not like very much...

Best regards
Vidar Evenrud Seeberg

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