Re: [Evolution] Help files

On Thu, 2013-05-09 at 14:28 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

It uses yelp - the Gnome help system.  What happens if you run

   yelp help:evolution

from a command line?

yelp was not installed.  When I installed 12.3, I chose the KDE desktop.
Evolution had to be installed after the fact.  The dependencies list did
not include yelp.  I have filed a bug report 818977


I'm curious about the naming of that folder, how on earth did it end up
as 'C'?

It's historic.  From the net somewhere...

        In the C programming language, the locale name C “specifies the
        minimal environment for C translation” (C99 §; the
        principle has been the same since at least the 1980s). As most
        operating systems are written in C, especially the unix-inspired
        ones where locales are set through the LANG and LC_xxx
        environment variables, C ends up being the name of a “safe”
        locale everywhere.
        POSIX specifies that both C and POSIX must be valid locale
        names, with the same neutral settings.
So 'C' is from the 'C' language.  The C locale basically comes down to
7-bit ASCII.


THANK YOU!  It now makes sense.  Well, it did before, I just didn't know


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