[Evolution] Mouse usage with Evolution 3.8.3

Hi :)

it's not only that I often need to close and open Evolution again to
mark text, right now I had to do it, because when I tried to click the
"File" menu, it didn't open the menu, but did mark the folder "On This

A raw search says that I at least used 3.8.2 until 01 Jun 2013 and 3.8.3
since at least 11 Jun 2013.

Issues started yesterday/today, so it must be a dependency and/or less
likely the kernel, since it switched from 3.8.13-rt11 to 3.8.13-rt12

Strange IIRC not much more than 10 packages were updated an non was
related to evolution, but no other app does have issues.

I'll boot 3.9.7, but IIRC issues started already there and I upgraded
from 3.9.6 to 3.9.7 yesterday, however, I still have 3.8.13-rt11 and
older rt available, so I could downgrade. I don't believe that it's
caused by the kernels. Any idea what could cause this issue, when
Evolution was ok 2 days ago?


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