Re: [Evolution] Feedback

On Fri, 2013-06-21 at 14:29 -0400, Bill West wrote:
I have numerous problems trying to edit things in emails I am trying to
send (addresses, subject lines, the content of the message). Simple
typing works fine, but any type of cut and paste operation seems to have
strange and unpredictable results. 

Does this happen in a specific mode?  Plain Text vs. HTML?

I pretty much use Plain Text exclusively and I don't experience any
issues editing messages;  except Plain Text replies to HTML messages -
then sometimes it is very difficult to delete blank lines from the
quoted part of the reply.  But HTML isn't meant to be editable... so I
kind of get that.   I hope the WebKit based composer [in 3.9.x?] will
improve on that.

to paste text after the signature block seems impossible (it always ends
up in signature block), 

I'd assume that is a feature, no a bug.  The signature is the end.

and trying to copy text from text that was
pasted into a message often results in all the previously pasted text

I recall an issue with disappearing text at some point;  I do not
believe I've ever seen that in 3.8.x.  It may have gone away in 3.6.x as
well.  The early 3.x.x did have some widgety issues - and it also
corresponded with large changes to Gtk as well [which Evolution uses,
and is packaged by the distribution.  Some bugs were only exposed with
certain theme settings.  Again, that was an underlying Gtk issue].

 Personally, I would be happier with a dumb editor that
just accepts whatever text I paste into it, and just tries to verify
formatting on email addresses when I actually send the email. 

Yea.  A plugin to embed gedit as an editor would be sweet.

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