Re: [Evolution] LinuxMint 14 and Evo 3.6.2 slowing down

On Tue, 2013-06-11 at 12:33 -0700, JimmyD wrote:
I installed both 14 

Distribution version isn't generally very helpful

and 3.6.2 several months ago on my intel Centrino duo box
and all worked well.
The last couple weeks I've noticed when I open an email or send an email
it's taking up to 10 seconds to complete the action. Today I looked at the
resources on the system monitor, and when I send an email (3k or 3m) it pegs
at least one of the CPU @ 100% for 9-12 seconds.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

What is your send machinism?  local, local SMTP, site SMTP, remote SMTP?

What is your account type? local (MBOX, MailDir, etc..), POP, IMAP,

When you say "it pegs at least one of the CPU @ 100% for 9-12 seconds"
what is "it"?

Have you tried manually performing a vacuum?  There have been some
previous posts to the list about that.  Also there is:

I assume you aren't seeing any concomitant messages in dmesg
or /var/log/messages that would indicate an underlying problem
[filesystem or hardware].

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