Re: [Evolution] How do I restore a evo backup from v 2.30.3 (f13) to evo version 3.6.4

On Fri, 2013-05-31 at 10:29 -0400, Terry Polzin wrote:
I understand the format is different is there a conversion script?
Contacts seemed to restore OK but I also want my archived mail and

The conversion of format should happen automatically as part of the
restore process.

Basically the backup is a tar.gz file that contains all the data plus a
few files that contain gconf/dconf dumps of the configuration.  When the
file is restored, it is just untar'd into the original locations (and
the gconf keys imported) and then Evo is restarted.  At this restart Evo
detects old format files and updates the formats and locations to the
new ones.

Things that can go wrong such as if you configured an account before
restoring the data - Evo then thinks it has already done an upgrade so
doesn't try and convert the restored data.  There was also, at some
point, some issues around restoring data from a 32-bit system onto a
64-bit one.

Also, I seem to remember there was a big format changed from 2.30 ->
2.32, so I don't know if doing 2.30 -> 3.6 is just too much for the
conversion process to cope with.

Ultimately, you can always retrieve the mail folders manually.  There's
plenty of descriptions of how to do it in the archives - here's  a bit
of an email I wrote to the list in Sept 2012:

          Unpack the backup file manually somewhere, find out where the mail
        folders are in that directory hierarchy.  Within Evo create an account
        of type 'Standard Unix mbox spool directory' and point the path to where
        your mbox files are.  A new account will appear in the left hand pane
        and all your old mail folders will be under that account.  Copy and
        paste the mail to wherever you want it and then delete the account when
        you are finished.
When I say to unpack the archive somewhere, I mean create a temporary
directory, 'cd' into it and unpack the file using 'tar -xfvz
evolution-backup.tar.gz'  The data files will then be under .evolution
or .local (can't remember which for 2.30) in that temporary directory.


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