[Evolution] Increase Font Size in HTML messages

Hey all, 

forgive me, if this question has been asked many times (It probably has,
although an internet search did not throw up any threads on this

I'm surprised to notice that I can zoom into  some HTML-mails (via CTRL
++ or CTRL + mousewheel scrolling), that is increase font and picture
size, with others that does not work.  I'm wondering why that is so, is
that feature specified in the HTML-message itself?

I know that HTML-messages determine the font to be displayed by the
email client, but is there a way around it, i.e. force Evolution to use
a certain font/size? Is that a feature Evolution does not (sofar)
support? Thunderbird and Kmail offer that option (CTRL++) (I do not want
to start a flame war here about the advantages/disdavantages a different
mail clients, there is a reason why I like using Evolution!)

I just find it a bit annoying that some HTML-mails get displayed just
fine, while other a rather a pain to read on a high-resolution screen.
And I do not know what to do about it!

This being Evolution 3.6.4 on Sabayon Linux 11 with MATE desktop.

Thanks for your suggestions,


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