Re: [Evolution] Evolution does not decrypt PGP emails

Hi Adam.  Thank you for your reply.

Do you have your key set in Edit -> Accounts -> Mail Accounts ->
{account} -> Security : OpenPGP Key ID ?

I do, yes, and it's definitely the correct ID, and matches what's in

If you run seahorse [Passwords & Keys] is your key listed?  The "Key ID"
there matches the one you have set in Evolution?


Either (a) you do not have a key set, (b) GPG support is not installed,
or (c) the gnome-session is not starting the agent.

In gnome-session-properties "Startup Programs" is "Certificate and Key
Storage" listed and enabled, as well as the "GPG Password Agent"?

Yes they're both listed and checked.  Clearly there's some kind of
disconnect though, hence my problem.  It's weird that I'm asked for the
passphrase but no decryption takes place.

I hope you aren't out of ideas!  I'd be grateful for any other advice
you can give.

Kind regards,

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