[Evolution] Invalid folder URI in message send post-processing

On Mon, 2013-02-04 at 12:29 -0500, Robert Seward wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I just upgraded from Fedora 14 to Fedora 18 which uses Evolution 3.6.3.

Most things are working great. I restored my e-mail boxes using the
"Backup and Restore Settings" of Evolution.

However when I send e-mails I receive this message: 

        Your message was sent, but an error occurred during
        The reported error was "Failed to append to
        Invalid folder URI
        Appending to local 'Sent' folder instead.".
I actually prefer that Evolution is "Appending to local 'Sent' folder
instead.". Is it possible to inform Evolution, that I don't want to see
this warning in the future?

This is a FAQ:



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