[Evolution] new version

openSUSE released their latest version, 13.1.  Included is evolution
3.10.1 and naturally, this is what I'm now using.

My impressions are really positive and the installation/upgrade went
rather smoothly.

There is a new look; fonts, icons, and a few changes in locations of
"things".  Don't know if that's due to efforts of the developers of
openSUSE or gnome/evolution but I like it anyway.

Two problems:  ( only! :) )
When I open evolution, the message preview pane is shrunken down to the
bottom of the window.  I can't find a way to make it stay in the
position I want.  This has been like this for several versions now.  It
didn't use to be be like this.

I can't get evolution-tray to work.  I miss it!  I have installed
version 0.0.8-14.1.3 .  I tried version 0.0.8-41-5 but it didn't 
work either, so I reverted to the version supplied with the 


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