Re: [Evolution] new version

This is a Suse related issue! I used this not that much outdated version
of Evolution some time ago too, but didn't experience _this_ issue for
Arch Linux. I also try to find a MUA that is better than Evolution,
because I'm ... of all the issues, but until now Evolution still is the
best MUA for my taste. I'm from Germany and > 10 years ago I started
with Suse, since it's a German distro and IMO Suse is an odd distro.
Just a subjective impression, YMMV.

I "guess", no, I "know" that GTK3 is problematic. Sure, I'm biased, not

However, did you ask at a Suse forum?

Btw. my posts to the list are unwanted and when I reported issues, the
blame was on the distro I use, so I asked at the mailing list of this
distro and they disagree and blame upstream.


Have fun!

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