[Evolution] GSettings [Was: Avoiding automatic marking as read]

On Thu, 2012-05-31 at 14:35 +0100, Graham Murray wrote: 
Or you could go back to the traditional *nix approach and use well
commented text files, 

Ugh, no configuration files are *EVIL*.  They are unmanageable and make
policy enforcement impossible.

Using 'registry' manipulation commands like "gettings" is much easier
and more reliable in scripts.

which explain each parameter, for configuration.
Alternatively/additionally distribute a man(5) page which explains all
of the configuration options.

DConf / GSettings provides documentation.  dconf-editor shows a summary,
description, type, and default for each key.

For example - org.freedesktop.tracker.miner.files
  SUmmary: Crawling interval
     Interval in days to check whether the filesystem is up to date in
     the database. 0 forces crawling anytime, -1 forces it only after
     unclean shutdowns, and -2 disables it entirely.
  Type: Integer [-2..365]
  Default: -1

And since the type [Integer] and range are known it prevents some random
moron from entering "fred" and then claiming the application is broken.

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