Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.2.3 (Precise) problems

On Sat, 2012-05-26 at 12:19 -0700, Gregoire Gentil wrote:
- fifthly, MANY times, I receive "big yellow" error messages "cannot
transfer message to destination folder: No such file or directory" while
moving 5 or 10 emails from inbox to my big Archive folder. Trying to
move those emails in the same session one by one is working...

I've had two issues that are similar to this:

1) Lost network connection: IMAP to Gmail is weird and kinda flaky.
Stateful firewalls that drop established but idle sessions can also
cause this for non-Gmail accounts.  Increasing the frequency of mail
checking and lowering the number of cached connections made this
better.  If it's bad enough, I suspect you could trade-off some
performance for stability by disabling Idle support.

2) Evolution behaves in strange ways when an Account's settings do not
have sensible values for Draft Folder and Sent Messages Folder.  The
error messages haven't been helpful.  Moreover, sometimes these
settings seem to be lost between versions - I've had to re-fix them a
few times.  I always set them to some folder in the respective account.

- sixthly, most important, the preview window doesn't work well at all.
MANY MANY TIMES, it gets stuck as shown in the attached screenshot. I
was scrolling in the preview window. If I launch evolution from a
terminal even with CAMEL debug info, there is nothing particular.

I hit issues with the preview pane not updating quite frequently - I
can't figure out what triggers it, but it's easy to fix. Just disable
and re-enable the preview pane.  C-m is the shortcut for that, press it
twice in a row.

- I see on the IRC that the latest stable is 3.4.2 but Ubuntu has only
3.2.3. Would updating fix some of those problems?

I doubt it: I am on 3.2.2 from Debian and tried 3.4.2 the other day.  I
rolled back.  Most of my accounts made it through okay, but many of my
preferences were lost.  I suspect this was related to gsettings
migration, but I didn't have time to dig into it.


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