Re: [Evolution] Evo 3.2.2 sees itself as offline

Hi Pascal, others,

I had exactly the same symptoms as you after moving to gnome-3 (I do use
gnome-shell) including an upgrade of evolution.

Also got messages saying evolution was offline, suspected networkmanager
(because that is now less used), and just waited a lot because the silly
cancel buttons still don't work and evolution hates to shut itself down.

'evolution --force-online' is a really good tip, but it didn't make a
difference. Like Pascal I know very well what the offline button does in
the bottom left.

It turned out that email account settings were changed. For incoming
GMail IMAP accounts, port 993 was changed into 143. The GMail servers
then give a "not at home" lengthy ignore. You can already see this if
the button to check for supported password options doesn't return
immediately. Since this is not the first time I ran into this, this is a
note to self as well.

You need to configure port 993 and SSL, and you can use IMAP+ now too!
Be careful, a lot of the settings jump other settings or widen the
window so you click the wrong button. Please refer to for
GMail. I don't use Yahoo, but I assume it will be a similar problem.

I'm a longtime user of evolution (some 10 years now?) and I love it as
my default client, but it can be such a mess when it's not configured
properly! Most of this is just because the configuration formats change
on almost every update. When using 'evolution --force-online' from the
terminal I even noticed it was still trying to migrate from the old
pre-.config .evolution folders and I manually rm'ed some stuff.

Other stuff:
- My message filters lost their source-account infos again, so I have to
point them to the right ones manually again.
- The new gnome-online-accounts for gnome-shell integration added all my
(GMail) accounts another time. However, these accounts aren't useful as
your name is set to 'Unknown' and this cannot be changed. You also are
not able to delete them (they keep coming back), you can only deactivate
them. Now I have 33 accounts, many of which similar, thanks guys! Many
of the things going haywire above might have been because of these
duplicate accounts and me being confused which one I was
- All my sort orders in the email lists had a reset, so I have to set
them to sort-by-date again.
- Fix the cancel buttons and implement 'evolution --force-shutdown'
inside the app in one way or another please.

On the other hand:
- IMAP syncing is now superspeedy
- Meeting invites don't freeze anymore
- Nice gnome-3 notifications.
- The maildir migration went well. And I like the idea of dropping the
huge 4GB mbox files.

Best regards,

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