[Evolution] Evolution 3.2.3 (Precise) problems


I'm a long time user of Evolution through Ubuntu and I'm experiencing a
lot of problems in the "latest" version from Ubuntu Precise.

I was on Maverick and I have done a major CLEAN (=erase everything
except data) upgrade of my PC to Precise. I'm currently running
"evolution 3.2.3-0ubuntu6" as shown in the attached dpkg-list.

Here are my problems:

- first, I was not able to import my old mbox file through the Evolution
import menu. The file is 1.6GB. Note that I have another 1.4GB that I
managed to import. But this 1.6GB makes Evolution unresponsive even
after one hour or it crashes. Anyway, I have managed to import my email
through another method so case closed for me but there was a problem. My
old mbox file is gone now so it's hard to reproduce.

- secondly, in a very very old version of Evolution (much older than
Maverick time), there was an option to choose between mdir and mbox
format. That was a good idea. I'm not saying that moving to mdir is
fundamentally a bad idea but it might have been interesting to continue
to support mbox.

- thirdly, there are a few new things that are painful - at least for
me. For instance, the "sending" features when the email window stays
while it's sending is rather painful. It was better before when the
email was going immediately to outbox and was sending asynchronously. At
least, having an option to choose between this new behavior and the
previous asynchronous one would be a good idea. But perhaps I have
missed a gconf setting? I have searched for it but nothing.

- fourthly, when I do reply to an email but save the reply to draft and
send it later, the icon "reply" on the original email is not updated. It
was the case before. It's reproducible all the time.

- fifthly, MANY times, I receive "big yellow" error messages "cannot
transfer message to destination folder: No such file or directory" while
moving 5 or 10 emails from inbox to my big Archive folder. Trying to
move those emails in the same session one by one is working...

- sixthly, most important, the preview window doesn't work well at all.
MANY MANY TIMES, it gets stuck as shown in the attached screenshot. I
was scrolling in the preview window. If I launch evolution from a
terminal even with CAMEL debug info, there is nothing particular.

- I see on the IRC that the latest stable is 3.4.2 but Ubuntu has only
3.2.3. Would updating fix some of those problems?

Thanks in advance for any answer or any hint,


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