Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.2.3 (Precise) problems

On Sun, 2012-05-27 at 10:31 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
- thirdly, there are a few new things that are painful - at least for
me. For instance, the "sending" features when the email window stays
while it's sending is rather painful. It was better before when the
email was going immediately to outbox and was sending asynchronously.

You get a "Cancel" button during the timeout, I think this is a big
improvement.    But I can see and argument for this to be optional.  I
search through the settings and I don't see anything related.  Perhaps
there is a setting in dconf?  

No, there isn't.  I rewrote the composer this way so that composing and
sending a message without having a full Evolution session actually works
(e.g. you clicked a mailto: link in a browser, composer window pops up).

In the past, clicking Send in that scenario would merely deposit the
message in your Outbox folder, close the composer window, and terminate
the process.  The message would not actually get sent until you started
a full Evolution session, much to the surprise and dismay of many users.

Sending off a newly-composed message into the ether is often a tense
moment, made less so by confirming the message was sent successfully.
And if something does go wrong, you can choose what to do before closing
the composer window: you can try sending again on the spot, you can save
the message to your Drafts folder and try again later, or you can just
keep editing.

So no, I'm not interested in making that optional.

That said, there have been requests in the past for a "Send Later" item
which could just deposit the message in your Outbox folder like it used
to, to be sent on the next periodic refresh or "Send/Receive".

- sixthly, most important, the preview window doesn't work well at all.
MANY MANY TIMES, it gets stuck as shown in the attached screenshot. I
was scrolling in the preview window. If I launch evolution from a
terminal even with CAMEL debug info, there is nothing particular.

When opening a message I've had the message window sit there "retrieving
message...." for a long time, close the window, and then opening the
message again.  That happens once it awhile.  I don't recall seeing the
preview message pane get stuck.   I don't believe that would be a CAMEL
issue but possibly a UI / Gtk issue [it is possibly still trying to
display the message it is 'stuck' on?].   Does this generally only
happen with HTML messages or messages with attachments?

Likely GtkHTML being GtkHTML.  We've already transitioned to WebKit/GTK+
for message rendering in Evolution 3.5, and it's even fully asynchronous
now.  So hopefully these rendering issues will be a thing of the past.

Matthew Barnes

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