Re: [Evolution] Evo 3.2.2 sees itself as offline

Am 11.05.2012 10:26, schrieb Pete Biggs:

Who tells that, and where?

Right above the message list, there appears a quite huge field either in
red (most of the times) or in orange. It informs me that an error
occured and that Evolution was not able to retrieve new mails (or
display the contents of a mail folder when I switch the folder) as it is
offline. As I said there are some mail accounts that work with the
current settings. This behavior happens only with Yahoo Mail (IMAP) and
Gmail (IMAP)

I think there is a translation problem here - probably the translation
of the messages into German have introduced confusion.  The messages in
English say that the SERVER is offline, not Evolution.  I get that
horrible big red box all the time with the IMAP connection to my Gmail
account at home where I'm on a slow ADSL line (it never appears at work
where I have full raw internet connection speeds).  All the rest of my
IMAP & EWS accounts are fine and continue to send/receive mail even
though the Gmail connection is in error.

If Evolution was offline, then you wouldn't be able to retrieve emails
for any of your accounts.

That was my reasoning too. I'd be surprised if i was a bandwith problem,
as I have VDSL here and at least regarding mail clients I have not
encountered any issues so far .

Yesterday I started Evolution via the commandline with evolution
This morning by chance I looked at the terminal again and saw this output:

pascal debian-sid:~$ evolution --force-online

(evolution:11714): evolution-shell-CRITICAL **:
shell_settings_pspec_for_key: assertion `schema_name != NULL' failed

(evolution:11714): camel-imap-provider-WARNING **: Unkown summary version

(evolution:11714): evolution-mail-WARNING **: Sie müssen online
arbeiten, um diesen Vorgang abzuschließen
#####You have to work online in order to complete the task#####

 evolution:11714): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_render_frame_gap: assertion
`xy1_gap <= width' failed
#####This may be due to me computer not really recognizing my monitor,
as it seems to thinks it was about twice the horizontal size, it's a 22'
flat panel monitor.#####

Pascal Bernhard
Schwalbacher Straße 7
12161 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30     32 66 58 00

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