Re: [Evolution] Tranfer of accounts [Scanned]

On Thu, 2012-05-10 at 10:48 -0600, Zan Lynx wrote: 
On Mon, 2012-05-07 at 21:18 +1000, Christopher M Bailey wrote:
Actually the real problem is with whoever thought a separate backup and
restore tool for an email application was a good idea
For more than 20 years a simple backup of all the files in your home
directory has been enough to get everything restored.

That *is* enough.  You backup and restore "your home directory"  [not a
cherry picked backup] - and it works.  I've done it many times.

Yet someone, somewhere decided to change that and seems to expect that
every user of evolution has looked for a backup option (in the email
client? what?).

Yep.  A great idea for when you just want to backup or transfer the
contents managed by that application.

Even when things did happen, such as a change from mbox to maildir,
there was a simple tool to run that would do the conversion. Where is
that tool for Evolution? 

The tools *is* Evolution.  It just couldn't be easier.  Evolution will
migrate forward from previous versions - to a reasonable degree.  And if
you explicitly choose to use mbox or maildir - it support that.

I just don't see what you are complaining about.

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