Re: [Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12 with Cinnamon

Yes, I'm being cranky.

And Patrick apologised a minute later saying that he had missed your
subject line.

 After 30+ years of doing this work, I still do not and 
cannot understand the force to make a comment that defeats the force
to be helpful.

Asking for further information in order that people can help you does
not fit in that category.

And to answer your question, so that I'm not accused of providing a
comment without being helpful ...  Your issue is to do with the specific
setup of either your configuration or your distro.  No one else has seen
it.  It may be a strange interaction between GTK and Cinnamon - but it's
not an Evolution issue.  Since no one here has seen it, or are
experiencing it, then I don't think many people will be able to help.

I suggest you raise the problem on the Mint support forums.

If you still think it an issue with Evolution, then your best course is
to submit a bug report on Bugzilla so that those with a more intimate
knowledge of the internals of Evo can get involved.


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