Re: [Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12 with Cinnamon

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Date: Tue, 08 May 2012 18:07:05 +0100
From: Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk>
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Subject: Re: [Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12
        with Cinnamon
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> Yes, I'm being cranky.

And Patrick apologised a minute later saying that he had missed your
subject line.

>  After 30+ years of doing this work, I still do not and
> cannot understand the force to make a comment that defeats the force
> to be helpful.

Asking for further information in order that people can help you does
not fit in that category.

And to answer your question, so that I'm not accused of providing a
comment without being helpful ...  Your issue is to do with the specific
setup of either your configuration or your distro.  No one else has seen
it.  It may be a strange interaction between GTK and Cinnamon - but it's
not an Evolution issue.  Since no one here has seen it, or are
experiencing it, then I don't think many people will be able to help.

I suggest you raise the problem on the Mint support forums.

If you still think it an issue with Evolution, then your best course is
to submit a bug report on Bugzilla so that those with a more intimate
knowledge of the internals of Evo can get involved.


I subscribe to the digest and didn't see the apology until the next round of messages.
I regret my flash of flame.

When I reported and asked the Mint folks, I was nicely directed to ask the EVO folks.

Heavy Sigh,
~~~ 0;-/ Dan

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