[Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12 with Cinnamon

I cannot cut/paste anywhere in the TO, CC, BCC, areas of a compose window.

If I cut/paste within the body of a message, the content does not redraw automatically
and it is problematic to force a refresh of the compose window.

If a message gets sent to a distribution list (alias list in the Address Book) the dialog
"Do you really want HTML" often pushes the buttons off the bottom of the screen.


I've looked at getting a newer EVO, but there are so many parts and dependencies that
I cannot discover how to accomplish an update without risk of making a mess of other
parts of my workstation.

A newer EVO is not available in any package repository.

I don't have similar issues with any other applications such as 'gedit'  'emacs'  'libreoffice writer' etc.

I'm frustrated and stumped,
~~~ 0;-/ Dan

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