Re: [Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12 with Cinnamon

Dan, it may be something strictly with Cinnamon. I'm running the same version on Mint 12 KDE, and it's working fine (although some of my gtk buttons are missing their images).

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Subject: [Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12 with Cinnamon
Date: Mon, 07 May 2012 15:34:29 -0500
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I cannot cut/paste anywhere in the TO, CC, BCC, areas of a compose window.

If I cut/paste within the body of a message, the content does not redraw automatically
and it is problematic to force a refresh of the compose window.

If a message gets sent to a distribution list (alias list in the Address Book) the dialog
"Do you really want HTML" often pushes the buttons off the bottom of the screen.


I've looked at getting a newer EVO, but there are so many parts and dependencies that
I cannot discover how to accomplish an update without risk of making a mess of other
parts of my workstation.

A newer EVO is not available in any package repository.

I don't have similar issues with any other applications such as 'gedit'  'emacs'  'libreoffice writer' etc.

I'm frustrated and stumped,
~~~ 0;-/ Dan

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