Re: [Evolution] Trash folder oddities

Whenever I use either of the two paths to clearing out my Trash folder,
Evo reports the expected progress messages ("X% of folder" and so forth,
but invariably leaves several messages in the folder, and returns the
error message "error while Expunging folder". These messages date back
to as old as 2008. These messages do *not* have any flags of any kind on
them, as far as I can determine.

Why does Evo balk at clearing them out, and where would this "error"
be originating?

You need to find out which folder the messages are actually in -
remember Trash is a virtual folder that contains a list of all the
deleted messages in all the folders of that account.  Probably the
easiest way of finding where they really are is to add a "Location"
column to the Trash folder.  You'll probably find that the messages are
in some read-only folder somewhere that you had forgotten about.


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