Re: [Evolution] continued troubles with EVO v3.2.2 on Mint-12 with Cinnamon

I'm frustrated and stumped,

OK, lots of people are saying "Not Evo", "Not Mint", "Not Cinnamon" etc.
It really does point to something in your configuration. 

First, have you tried running Evo from the command line?  Are there any
strange error messages?  

Next, what about creating a new clean account - different username, home
directory etc. etc. - then setup a dummy account in Evo under that
username and try doing the paste operations that don't work for you.
This will narrow down the problem to whether it's a config issue with
your login or an issue with the install.

Finally, if it's an issue with your login, then try changing the theme
of your desktop and widgets (specifically the GTK theme) - that has been
shown to be an issue in the past.


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