Re: [Evolution] FAQ vs User Docs [was: reanimation of backup]

On Wed, 2012-03-14 at 10:31 -0400, Robert Seward wrote:
May I make a suggestion? Keep the FAQ, but when it becomes difficult
to answer a particular question in a version neutral way add a link to
the FAQ that references the appropriate version of the User Doc.

I wonder if there were enough volunteers to maintain this. 
If anybody wants to make this plan reality: You can find all user docs
changes in the Evolution Git code repository either by grep'ing for
"User docs" or "User Docs", or by going to

I find the Evolution FAQ a nice place to find an answer quickly. I am
10 times more likely to read the FAQ than I am the Evolution User Doc.

Sorry but this leads to several followup questions as I'm curious:

Which Evolution version do you refer to? Your X-Mailer header says 2.32
(and Fedora 14 which is End of Life and hence a security threat) which
ships an outdated user help that is NOT the topic here.
The "new" help is shipped from 3.2 onwards.

How do you search the FAQ? Text search in the browser? Or going through
the table of contents?

In case you use Evolution 3.2 or newer: How do you access the Evolution
user doc? Via Evolution's help menu to make it open in GNOME's help
browser "Yelp", or via the web browser on

 It is not that the User Doc is poorly written or anything. The User
Docs meander through a set of topics that are of little interest to me

If you refer to 3.2 or newer, examples are welcome.

 and the search capabilities of most User Docs are poor. 

I wouldn't sign that statement for Yelp 3.2 and newer.

The end result you can't get "your answer" as nearly as fast by using
the User Doc by itself.

Also the FAQ seems to have a higher visibility from the search
engines. This is likely the primary reason why I am 10 times more
likely to visit the FAQ.   

Not anymore if I added a redirect on the FAQ page to ;-)

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