Re: [Evolution] reanimation of backup

I have Evolution v2.28 running on Ubuntu v10.04.  That edition puts file into
$HOME/.evolution   (dot-evolution) folder.

The newer edition of Evolution v???? on Lucid Mint-12 (Ubuntu 11.10)
puts files into $HOME/.config/evolution  in a gnome-compliant manner.

I, too, struggle with this problem:
**  backup of $HOME/framis  on  older workstation running older distro and parts
**  acquire new workstation; install new distro and parts
**  restore  backup contents  to new workstation as $HOME/framis/oldStuff
**  move data files to reasonable places on the new workstation
??? trouble ???  apps cannot find config details under new distro use
I have yet to find any apps with some "import config from earlier edition" menu option.
??? trouble ???  apps cannot find old data files because config details are not correct

With all of the changes currently in play for various desktop environments,
I suspect that all sorts of app-specific config files have moved to new places.
I'd be surprised if the config file contents didn't evolve as well.  (Lots of press
about use of XML-like files for config details instead of keyword=value files.)
The result being that the backed copies of config files are now minimally useful.

Of course, I have all of the data files -- documents, images, databases, etc -- if
I could discover how to connect them with the now new applications they belong with.
Too bad that "backward compatibility" seems to be a lost art in software development.

Heavy sigh,
~~~ 8d;-/ Dan

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