Re: [Evolution] Evolution + System Proxy

On Sun, 2012-03-04 at 11:44 -0500, D.H. Bahr wrote:
Hello everyone,

(at least) since Ubuntu 11.04 I've found that Evolution won't work
properly when a system-wide proxy configuration is set. Important to be
said is that the mail server is not behind a proxy server, but even if
the NO_PROXY rules are defined  it doesn't matter. I've even tried using
a CNTLM proxy and nothing.

According to Launchpad this is a known issue for at least a year now and
is most likely a GNome responsibility rather than Canonical's.

My question is: is it being addressed? Is it at least known?

You need to start by telling us your version of Evolution, not your
version of Ubuntu. Many list members don't even use Ubuntu and have no
idea what version of Gnome you're talking about.


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