Re: [Evolution] Merging Inbox/Outbox files

And stop top posting ...

On Tue, 2012-06-19 at 09:29 -0400, William Farmer wrote:
I'm not able to run rpm -q evolution. It tells me

wfarmer wfarmer:/opt$ rpm -q evolution
package evolution is not installed

It's Ubuntu, it doesn't use RPM, I'm not surprised it doesn't produce
anything useful.

I tried to create a new account and add a mailbox, but then it was
asking me for SMTP information. Do I have to re-enter the same account
for this?

Enter the SMTP information for your ISP - it actually doesn't really
matter, you won't ever be using the information to send mail.

Also, someone else

That would be me ...

 asked if they looked like mbox files. I have no idea
how to check for that.

Do the files look like lots of mail messages one after the other?

If you do 'file Inbox' what does it say?


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