Re: [Evolution] associate email account with address book entry

Then create a text file named "outlook_idiot_lecture.msg",
containing the following:

I'm a bit unsure that the lecture is going to change anything. Firstly
because I'm dubious about its effectiveness at being heard (positive
messages almost always trump negative ones). Secondly because it's
directed at the wrong people (end users), when it should be directed at
the people who specified the app - the Outlook product managers, or the
people who purchased it.

 intended to inform you that you are using a non-standard email 

Presumably the intention was "non-standards-compliant", rather than

   I highly recommend discontinuing use of Micro$oft Outlook.

Maybe lose the "Micro$oft" / "M$" thing? Comes across as a bit immature.

And for many people Outlook is being used not by explicit choice, but
rather because of a combination of:
* Lack of interest: they don't care about computers
* No choice: it's what they have to have installed under directions from
* Ease: It's what came pre-installed.
* No viable alternatives: They're running Windows and there are very few
(possibly none) PIM clients that come close in terms of breadth of
features (email/notes/calendar/contacts/tasks).
* Financial: they or their workplace might have bought/licensed it,
installed it, and learnt it, and want a return on that investment.

So it seems simplistic to assume that people are easily able to change
from Outlook to something else.

   There are ways to configure *some* versions of Outlook (or Outlook
   Express) to send standard attachments instead

Perhaps the single most useful thing would be to give instructions on
how to turn TNEF off:

- but the real solution is to abandon Outlook altogether- it's junk.

Why not provide a link to something like Thunderbird? That's at least
cross-platform for Mac/Win/Linux, open source, and standards-compliant,
and it leaves the door open to migrate to Evo or other clients.

But if they want more than an email client, unfortunately there is no
viable Windows alternative that I'm aware of. Last time I tried Evo on
Windows, 4 years ago, it was a non-starter (it was many versions behind
at the time, it couldn't import my old Outlook PST data, it crashed a
lot, etc). Hopefully that has improved since for anyone else that wants
to make that transition.

-- All the best,

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