Re: [Evolution] Saving configuration without Backup

On Fri, 2012-07-13 at 10:57 -0400, David Lynch Jr. wrote:
      I am dealing exclusively with Evolution. Currently 3.2.3 from Ubuntu
12.04. I have been using evolution for several years. It is the email
client that I dislike the least. 
      I have numerous oddball problems that I expect will all disappear -
at-least for a while, with a clean install. I was not looking to address
each of those problems, Just figure out how to do a clean re-install
while preserving my configuration, with the least amount of pain. 
      I have tried Evolutions backup/restore. That did not fix any old
problems but did create some new ones.  

using backup/restore should work fine, and if you feel like the local
caches are overpopulated or something, then feel free to go to
~/.cache/evolution and erase everything from there (with evolution,
evolution-alarm-notify, e-calendar-factory and e-addressbook-factory
processes stopped).

Though if you still feel like playing with files will be better, then
you can try the below, but it is untested and use it only on your own

I suppose you still can run the old Evolution, thus go to each view of
it, except of Mailer, and right-click on each calendar/memo/task/address
book and choose "Save As" there. This way you'll export your data from
there. Then close evolution and run command:
   $ gconftool-2 --dump /apps/evolution/mail >mail-accounts.xml
which will backup your mail settings (which is also mail account setup -
note this will not work with 3.6.0+, which stores accounts differently).

Then move created files into the new machine/account and restore mail
accounts first, by invoking:
   $ gconftool-2 --load mail-accounts.xml
then run evolution, and create calendars/memos/tasks/addressbooks you
want to restore, and with File->Import... import respective files into
them. If you have On The Web or other than On This Computer
calendars/memos/tasks/addressbooks, then I suggest to copy the settings
in a txt file and recreate these by hand. It's better due to internal
file storing.

Once again, use it only on your own risk.

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