Re: [Evolution] associate email account with address book entry

On 2012-07-17, Nick Jenkins <nickpj gmail com> wrote:
Then create a text file named "outlook_idiot_lecture.msg",
containing the following:

I'm a bit unsure that the lecture is going to change anything.

One such message probably won't, but it's like voting.  If an
outlook-hostile reply comes from two different people, it could have a
significant influence.

Secondly because it's directed at the wrong people (end users), when
it should be directed at the people who specified the app - the
Outlook product managers, or the people who purchased it.

Are you saying home users (who are their own administrator and
procurement team leader on a one person team) do not use Outlook?  I
don't believe that for a second.

But if they want more than an email client, unfortunately there is no
viable Windows alternative that I'm aware of. Last time I tried Evo on
Windows, 4 years ago, it was a non-starter (it was many versions behind
at the time, it couldn't import my old Outlook PST data, it crashed a
lot, etc). Hopefully that has improved since for anyone else that wants
to make that transition.

Evolution is still relatively broken.  And very unfortunately, it's
broken in the same way Outlook is: filters.  This means people leaving
Outlook due to broken filter processing are likely to return to
Outlook after trying Evolution, which also has broken filters.

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