Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.6.0 hangs with a large number of unknown jobs

On 12/29/2012 05:14 AM, Matthew Barnes wrote:
On Sat, 2012-12-29 at 04:50 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:

OK.   How can I follow the traffic between evolution and a server,
either POP or IMAP?  I had thought that
         CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution >& evo.log
would do the job with IMAP, but I was not able to find the traffic in
among everything else. Possibly I have missed something.
For IMAP debugging use "CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io".

For POP3 debugging use "CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3".
It looks like CAMEL_DEBUG=all , despite its name does *NOT* dump everything. Is this correct?


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