Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.6.0 hangs with a large number of unknown jobs


(ironical mode on) In my own short understanding (ironical mode off), all
questions you refeer was replied by Per in his last November message.

Maybe as USER and not as developer, we're little handicapped to use the
Debug tools, and it's maybe the reason because we ask for help.

For your information, this bug/error appears after the last
Evolution-data-server package updated by Ubuntu. The Evolution behavior en
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was completelly normal, and when the upgrading to Ubuntu
12.10 was normal too. The problems starts approx in start of November when
Ubuntu software update tool install the last evolution-data-server package.
Until that moment, Evolution was working fine over ubuntu 12.10. So YOU, as
developer, must know better than myself what were implemented in that
update, it isn't?.

The symptoms are the same than Per describe, adding that when you click on
"close" evolution do not close application.

No, I do not use IMAP accounts, only POP. No, I do not have "online"

Thank you for your help and reply, and ask all questions will you consideer
helpfully to solve this problem.

I'm still waiting for a solution, because this error make my daily job
really unproductive.

Thank you in advance.


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