Re: [Evolution] serial 138770 error_code 8 request_code 59 minor_code 0

On Thu, 2012-12-27 at 14:31 +0000, Tom Davies wrote:
Is there a wiki on how to upgrade from such an ancient version?  I
guess it's not just as straight-forwards as just installing the newest
version and hoping it picks up on everything in the User Profile?  

It's as straight-forward as upgrading your evolution package (usually as
part of a full system upgrade) and then starting the upgraded Evolution.

The built-in migration routines will automatically move, convert, or
tweak your data and accounts as necessary on startup to work with the
upgraded version.

In 3.6, for example, the migration routines will automatically move your
account data from GConf to plain text files, converting the data from
XML to an .ini-like syntax in the process.

IMPORTANT: If upgrading only to 3.4, please make sure it's 3.4.4.  There
was a serious bug in earlier 3.4 releases that prevented your local mail
from being converted from mbox to Maildir properly when upgrading from a
release as old as 2.32.

Does everything have to be exported from the older one and then
imported to a slightly newer one and then exported from that into the
newest one?

Should never be necessary if you're upgrading in-place.

Backing up your data and settings before upgrading is of course prudent
in case something goes wrong.

Matthew Barnes

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