Re: [Evolution] serial 138770 error_code 8 request_code 59 minor_code 0

From: Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>

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Evolution 2.32.2 on GNOME-Version 2.32.1 from Ubuntu 
That's a very old version of Evolution. 

*VERY* old [where the * !&(*@(*@ do all these ancient users come from?
Really, it baffles me.  No updates for four+ years?  

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Hi :)  

Is there a wiki on how to upgrade from such an ancient version?  I guess 
it's not just as straight-forwards as just installing the newest version and hoping it picks up on everything 
in the User Profile?  

Does everything have to be exported from the older one and then imported to a slightly newer one and then 
exported from that into the newest one?

Regards fromTom :)  

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