Re: [Evolution] Evolution -> New Windows does not open a new window

On Thu, 2012-12-20 at 06:41 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
On Wed, 2012-12-19 at 06:22 -0500, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
In the dash currently open applications are illuminated and clicking an
illuminated icon takes you to the open application.  Or you can
right-click on an illuminated application and select and existing window
or "New Windows" to make a new window / instance on the current
Following up...
The "New Window" action in GNOME Shell is equivalent to clicking the
application's launcher icon: it sends the already-running instance of
the application an "activate" signal.
The documentation for the "activate" signal [1] does not specify how
applications are supposed to handle it.  Some applications like GNOME
Terminal actually do open a new window, some applications like GEdit
open a new tab in its primary window, and some applications like
Evolution and Rhythmbox merely raise its primary window to the top.

Agree, Evolution is not the only app that behaves 'wrong' [it doesn't do
what the text of the menu item describes].

It is just one of the applications I use all-day-long.  Figured I'd at
least shake-the-tree about it.

I guess that's why it appears to not be doing anything for you.

No, it does 'something' [generates a notification], it just doesn't do
the expected thing.

This is a design flaw in GNOME Shell in my opinion.  The "activate"
signal is too ambiguous to assign a descriptive label.
The discussion in bug 650030 [2] kinda sorta addresses this, but it
remains an open GNOME Shell issue.

Thanks for the follow-up.


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