Re: [Evolution] exhange offline message storage: questions and troubleshooting

On Sat, 2012-12-15 at 18:50 +0100, Adam Gold wrote:
Hi there.  I've just installed evolution and evolution-ews and have
successfully connected to my exchange server.

what is the evolution/evolution-ews version, please? You can, in
Evolution, Help->About to find it.

I'm having problems downloading my messages from the server so I
wanted to clarify about how the offline mail storage works.

Does it tell you any error, either in UI, or if you run evolution on a

- In Evolution in preferences --> mail accounts --> edit--> receving
options there is check box for "automatically synchronize remote mail
locally".  I have two questions about this: (i) does this mean all
messages received to this exchange account post installation and
selection of this option will be cached locally;


(ii) does this initiate a full download of all historical messages

It's usually used for newly discovered messages (not necessarily new),
not for old one.

- I see that one can also right-click on a particular folder's
preferences and there is an option "copy folder content locally for
offline operation".  Is this the same as the previous option but
simply on a folder by folder basis?

Correct. Sometimes you do not want to download locally your Archive
folder, then this is for it.

Even if I try one or both of these options, I can't seem to download
all of my stored messages from the server.  The download begins and
then stops after which I have to manually start it again.  Also
periodically I get a warning notice that messages can't be moved from
the cache.

What is the exact warning, please? Is there anything on console? You can
see what evolution-ews does and your server responses, if you run
evolution like this:
   $ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution

This seems to be confirmed when I look in ~/.cache and compare it to
the contents of .local/share/evolution/mail/local.  The latter is near
empty and the former has appx 100mb.

Evolution-ews stores its data into ~/.cache/..., while your local mail,
those in On This Computer/... are in ~/.local/.... You might not cope
with these folders at all, those are internal evolution/-ews folders and

        Hope it helps,

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