Re: [Evolution] What to do with short polemic praising Evolution?

El vie, 14-12-2012 a las 10:39 -0500, Miki Kocic escribió:
There's a short 1,900-word (two-page) polemic called "The Joys of the 
Command Line," which is aimed at Windows users and describes the 
advantages of runlevel 3 by featuring Evolution as an Outlook 2010 
equivalent that can be launched from the command line in a highly 
flexible and full-featured way. Who on the Evolution Team (or elsewhere) 
would be interested in acquiring such a document under a GPL?

(As an aside, I've observed that both Fedora 17 Xfce and Debian 6.0.6 
use Evolution as the default email client in their base installs. That's 
a bit like both the Tea Party and the Communist Party endorsing the same 
candidate for election. High praise indeed!)



            First of all:  We are NOT  enemies like the Tea Party and the Communists.  We are different options in the way that users can have the freedom to choice the Operative System that fit better for them.

            Second:   Evolution is NOT Outlook  and I'm happy of that.  If you want Outlook there's Outlook and Windows and you can go and use them.  One thing is one thing and the other thing is the other thing. 

That's all.  I didn't read that document, so I can't say anything about it.


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