[Evolution] exhange offline message storage: questions and troubleshooting

Hi there.  I've just installed evolution and evolution-ews and have successfully connected to my exchange server.  I'm having problems downloading my messages from the server so I wanted to clarify about how the offline mail storage works.

- In outlook as I'm sure you know, if you configure it appropriately, it stores an identical local copy of all messages that are on the server.  When you first bring the account online, it initiates a complete download of the server side messages (as well as calendar and contact).
- In Evolution in preferences --> mail accounts --> edit--> receving options there is check box for "automatically synchronize remote mail locally".  I have two questions about this: (i) does this mean all messages received to this exchange account post installation and selection of this option will be cached locally; (ii) does this initiate a full download of all historical messages
- I see that one can also right-click on a particular folder's preferences and there is an option "copy folder content locally for offline operation".  Is this the same as the previous option but simply on a folder by folder basis?

Even if I try one or both of these options, I can't seem to download all of my stored messages from the server.  The download begins and then stops after which I have to manually start it again.  Also periodically I get a warning notice that messages can't be moved from the cache.  This seems to be confirmed when I look in ~/.cache and compare it to the contents of .local/share/evolution/mail/local.  The latter is near empty and the former has appx 100mb.

I'd be very grateful if someone can clarify what the intended operation is and give me some pointers to troubleshooting my particular installation.  I would like to have a full copy of all messages locally and sync every time there's a change.

(btw, for some reason, I can't use the search box for the archives so I've been through just the last year and haven't found any direct answers to my questions; I have also been through the documentation on the web site.)

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