[Evolution] lurking mode... for now...

I was excited by Evolution.

I was excited by all that it was, and all that it was not.

Stable, "standard", GNOME, encryption-aware...
It was the first and only email package that I intended to use in my
"Linux" life.

Unfortunately (for me), I'm extremely happy with Ubuntu.
Ubuntu running on a --
MS-7051 Motherboard with AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1500+ and Phoenix BIOS v 6.00
PG and 2 Gig of RAM
is just not capable of running Ubuntu with GNOME3... and thus cannot run
the latest Evolution.

Because the attempt to install GNOME3 on my computer broke Ubuntu, I
decided to re-install the latest Ubuntu LTS... which most will recognize
is Lucid... or 10.04.

Just a note - the latest PPA version of Thunderbird 6.0.2 runs under
GNOME2, as does the Enigmail plugin, as does the Lightning plugin.

Unfortunately, the Evo calendering tool is the default for Ubuntu's
Clock 2.30.2... the nice default clock tool on the panel (or upper OS
taskbar)... so my next bit of research is about how to change the
defaults in Clock 2.30.2... and what the alternatives are... so that I
can COMPLETELY remove evolution from my computer... since Evolution no
longer supports the version that Ubuntu is stuck on.

As you can probably tell, I am not happy that supported/current versions
of Evo are not allowed to run on Ubuntu on my computer.  Yet, such is life.

Barry Smith
e bnsmith003 gmail com
w http://bit.ly/l8QJup

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