Re: [Evolution] Exchange 2010 - show only folder Favorites

Dnia 2011-09-23, piÄ o godzinie 09:03 +0000, HÃjek Miloslav pisze:
I used EWS, it si OK. I can see folders of my mailbox.
I cannot connect to Global Adrress List:
      Sep 23 11:01:00 V-HAJEK0M2 kernel: [ 8691.348482] e-addressbook-f[6562]: segfault at c ip b69c50ae sp 
bfca7050 error 4 in[b69bd000+14000]
I do not know how to help you out with GAl EWS, but maybe I could use
your experiences with EWS. Are you connected directly to  Exchange
servers or via proxy?
Patryk "LeadMan" Benderz
Linux Registered User #377521
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