Re: [Evolution] Problem with update

Am Mittwoch, den 21.09.2011, 18:40 +0200 schrieb Thomas Mittelstaedt:
Am Montag, den 19.09.2011, 22:05 -0700 schrieb Jeffrey Needle:
I am running Linux Mint 9.0.  I've downloaded Evolution using the
Software Manager in Mint. It installs Evolution 2.30.3.  I want to
upgrade to 3.x, whatever is the latest stable release.

The Upgrade Manager doesn't upgrade Evolution, as I thought it might.
How can I upgrade my Evolution install so I have the latest stable
version?  I know I can download the tar files from the website, but I
don't have any idea what to do from there.


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You could set up a virtual machine on your Mint 9 box and install Fedora
15 on it. It has the latest stable release (+ bug fixes) of evolution,
3.0.3, on it.

Looking at, "What's new in
Linux Mint 9 Isadora?", I can see, it's based on ubuntu 10.04 with a
relatively current kernel (2.6.32), which should have a recent kvm on
So, I'd recommend to you to follow instructions at to set up the vm. Download the
fedora 15 iso from
After installation of fedora 15, don't forget to do a Software update
with their update manager. That should give you the latest evolution

Hope that helps.


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