Re: [Evolution] Really super terribly awful slow performance "Generating message list"

I *assume* you are talking about a local mail folder; since you don't  
say [maildir / POP / IMAP / IMAPX ]

No. Not a local folder. It is IMAPX and the plugins and all are whatever
the default Fedora-15 install has.

I vaguely remember other issues with IMAPX - is it possible for you to
change it to plain IMAP?

Here's a line copied from 'top':

15816 lynx      20   0 1926m 295m  19m R 98.9  7.6   0:16.54 evolution

How much memory does your system have?  Evo is using nearly 2Gb of
memory with only 295Mb resident - so it is probably swapping lots which
will be slowing things down a lot.  In top how is that 99% CPU time
being split between the various run states - i.e what does the "Cpu(s):"
line say - mine currently says:

Cpu(s):  4.7%us,  1.5%sy,  0.0%ni, 93.4%id,  0.0%wa,  0.2%hi,  0.1%si,  0.0%st

which is fairly normal. You need to be worried if the 'sy' and 'wa'
times are high.

In any case, I suspect that most of that memory is your Inbox - how big
is your inbox (as in Mb, not number of messages)? 

It may well be worth while just seeing how the system behaves if you
disable the search folders - does the memory usage decrease now it
doesn't have to process all the messages in the Inbox all the time.


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