Re: [Evolution] Why does Evolution IMAP send a \* flag with IMAP APPEND?

On Sat, 2011-07-09 at 17:38 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
On Tue, 2011-07-05 at 13:42 -0600, Zan Lynx wrote:

When I try to move some messages from one folder to an archive folder,
Evolution does a few messages and then stops with an error. I turned
debugging on in the Courier server and I get this when it fails:

READ: ATOM: T02473
READ: ATOM: INBOX.Archive-2011-06
WRITE: T02473 NO Error in IMAP command received by server.

All of the APPEND commands that work do not include \*. All of the
APPEND commands that fail do include it. 

Can you show that debugging from the Evolution side? Run
 CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx evolution

and show the output as we fetch and move the messages.

As I was running into this same problem today while trying to archive a
few messages I remembered that I'd never got around to doing this.

Here is some of the debug output as evolution tries to move one of the
messages and uses the invalid \* flag:

[imapx:D] ** Starting next command
[imapx:D] * no, no jobs
[imapx:D] camel_imapx_read: buffer is 'D00481 OK [APPENDUID 1316452735 152] APPEND Ok.
[imapx:D] token TOKEN 'D00481'
[imapx:D] Got completion response for command 00481 'APPEND'
[imapx:D] token TOKEN 'OK'
[imapx:D] token '['
[imapx:D] token TOKEN 'APPENDUID'
[imapx:D] token TOKEN '1316452735'
[imapx:D] token TOKEN '152'
[imapx:D] token ']'
[imapx:D] Got appenduid 1316452735 152
[imapx:D] ** Starting next command
[imapx:D] starting idle 
[imapx:D] adding command, fmt = 'APPEND %f %F %P'
[imapx:D] got folder 'INBOX/Archive-2011-08'
[imapx:?] looking up path INBOX/Archive-2011-08 -> INBOX.Archive-2011-08
[imapx:D] got file path '/home/lynx/.local/share/evolution/mail/imapx/zlynx threatwall zlynx 
[imapx:D] completing command buffer is [0] ''
[imapx:D] enqueue job 'APPEND INBOX.Archive-2011-08 (\SEEN JUNK NOTJUNK \*) {3939}'
[imapx:D] ** Starting next command
[imapx:D] - we're selected on 'INBOX/Archive-2011-08', current jobs?
[imapx:D] -- Checking job queue
[imapx:D] -- -60 'APPEND'?
[imapx:D] --> starting 'APPEND'
[imapx:D] Starting command (active=1, literal) D00482 APPEND INBOX.Archive-2011-08 (\SEEN JUNK NOTJUNK \*) 
[imapx:D] camel_imapx_write: 'D00482 APPEND INBOX.Archive-2011-08 (\SEEN JUNK NOTJUNK \*) {3939}
[imapx:D] camel_imapx_read: buffer is 'D00482 NO Error in IMAP command received by server.
[imapx:D] token TOKEN 'D00482'
[imapx:D] Got completion response for command 00482 'APPEND'
[imapx:D] token TOKEN 'NO'
[imapx:D] token TOKEN 'Error'
[imapx:D] ** Starting next command
[imapx:D] starting idle 
[imapx:D] Found connection for INBOX/Archive-2011-08 and connection number 1 
[imapx:D] adding command, fmt = 'IDLE'
[imapx:D] completing command buffer is [4] 'IDLE'
[imapx:D] Starting command (active=1, literal) D00483 IDLE
[imapx:D] camel_imapx_write: 'D00483 IDLE
[imapx:D] camel_imapx_read: buffer is '+ entering idle mode
* 152 EXISTS

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